What does each of the order status mean?

Below are the three states you will encounter once you start trading:

  • success: The order has been completed

  • fail: order failed

  • in progress: order in progress

Why is the order running all the time?

One of the most common causes of delay is blockchain congestion. If you trade cryptocurrencies on the Ethereum blockchain, be aware that this chain experiences congestion more frequently than other chains.

How long will the cross-chain transaction take

The transaction will usually take 3 minutes, but there are many reasons why the transaction speed may vary.

How to check the transaction hash value?

From Order History, click on your transaction in the "Transaction History" list. You will see a popup window as shown in the image below.

Here the TXID is the transaction hash value

How to check the transaction through the transaction hash value?

How to charge the handling fee?

The handling fee is the service fee charged. If you use the ordinary non-cross-chain exchange service, the charge rate is: 0.1%. If you use the cross-chain exchange service, the charge rate is: 0.2% + cross-chain bridge Withdrawal fee. The gas is not included.

Why is the amount received different from the amount I submitted?

The exchange rate is calculated based on the real-time exchange rate at the time of submitting the order. During the conversion process, the exchange rate usually changes. We calculate according to the real-time exchange rate at the time of transaction, so there may be a slight discrepancy between the two figures. Small fees are also deducted for transactions and gas.

Why do I not see the currency I exchanged to in my wallet?

There may be multiple reasons for this. Below is a list of common reasons and solutions:

  • The transaction is not complete.

Under transaction records, you can see your recent transactions. Find the transaction you are looking for and on the left-hand side, you should be able to see the status of the transaction. If it doesn't say "Completed" then please wait for a bit longer.

  • You do not have native currency in your wallet to pay for gas.

Make sure you have respective currency in your wallet to pay for gas. For example, for Etherum blockchain it will be ETH, BNB for BSC, HT for HECO, etc. Note: For cross-chain transactions, you only need gas for sending the currency, not the receiving blockchain. For example, if you are sending from BSC to HECO, you only need gas in BNB for BSC. We cover the gas on HECO as part of the fees.

  • You have not added the token to your wallet.

For most wallets, you need to manually add tokens to your wallet in order to view their balance.

  • You sent the tokens to the wrong address.

Please double-check your receiving address.

  • Your wallet is on the wrong blockchain.

When you make a cross-chain exchange, the tokens you receive will be on a different blockchain. For example, if you are swapping from Token A on HECO to Token B on BSC. Once the exchange is complete, you will have to make sure you are looking at your BSC wallet in order to view Token B.

If you sent the token to the same address as your original but on a different blockchain it may be possible to create a wallet with the same address on that new blockchain.

On Metamask, you can simply select "Add Network" and add the new blockchain. Make sure to add the token to view the balance!

On TokenPocket, select add wallet on the top right, select Binance Smart Chain, select "Import", then "One-key Sync", then select the new blockchain, and then select "Start Syncing". Once syncing is complete, a new wallet of your original address on the BSC Chain will be created. Make sure to add the token in your new wallet to view the balance!

For other wallets, the process may be similar, please contact their customer service for support.

How to query on the chain when using the Bridge channel?

For example: From PUT chain to BSC chain Query the current PUT chain public key address or the TX ID of this transaction in the PUT block browser to check whether the transaction is successful.

If the PUT query confirmation is successful, then query the current BSC public chain address in the BSC block browser to see if the transaction is successful, and if the confirmation is successful, the transaction is successful.

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