DarkHole Introduction

What is DarkHole?

DarkHole is a decentralized trading platform that aggregates mainstream decentralized exchanges and cross-chain bridges on the market. It aims to provide an efficient, convenient and to secure token exchange service for all users.

Why DarkHole?


Unlike centralized exchanges, DarkHole has no control over users' funds and transactions but uses smart contracts to facilitate open and transparent transactions between users instead. Therefore, your cryptocurrency has been always under your control.

Multiple Assets

We will later launch trading services for non-fungible and long-tail assets to meet all your needs in addition to supporting the trading of standard resources such as mainstream tokens.

Best Price

You can exchange with the best price quickly by the aggregation of multiple exchanges to bring an extremely high degree of liquidity and the use of multiple algorithms to find the best price in the fastest time.

Multi-signature Security

Access to multi-signature contracts allows you to enjoy multiple guarantees for your transactions and trade with confidence.

We look forward to your participation and use.

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